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Welcome to Composer of the!

Learn about composers, their lives, times, music and much more!
This Month's Composer
What's on Our Site?

Every month we have a featured composer of classical or art music. For the featured composer you'll find a biography, videos, famous pieces and lesson plans.

You'll also be able to learn about the composer's time period and concepts relating to his or her life and music. Composer of the Month.COM also has teacher resources and links to other websites.

About Us

Composer of the was created by Frannie Goldstein, an elementary music educator for more than 30 years.  Frannie's students and their parents were always asking for information about the composer of the month - their enthusiasm inspired this website.

"My child came home asking to listen to Beethoven"  1st Grade Parent

"My daughter loves learning about a new composer each month and I love how she learned about music and history in such a fun way." 4th Grade Parent

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