Kodály's Music

A playlist of some of my favorite choral pieces by Kodály
  • Gergelyjárás - St. Gregory's Day Performed by Cantemus Kórus

  • Ave Maria - Performed by Cantemus Kórus

  • Turot Eszik A Cigany - See the Gypsies - Performed by Gondwana Voices

  • Tanconta - Dancing Song - Performed by Cantemus Children's Choir and Pro-Musica Choir

  • Hegyi éjszakák - Mountain Nights - with footage of Kodály

  • Esti dal - Evening Song - Performed by Bartok Male Choir

  • Veni, Veni Emmanuel - Performed by 2016 Kodály Teacher Training Program

  • Hegyi éjszakák - Mountain Nights - Performed by Cantamus Girls Choir

Some different performances of Kodály's music