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Leroy Anderson
1908- 1974

Leroy Anderson was born on June 29, 1908, in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States of America. From a young age, Leroy loved the piano. Both of his parents were musical and his mother started giving him piano lessons when he was only five years old. Leroy’s parents saw that he was very talented and found him the best teachers.

As Leroy got older, he didn't just want to play other people's music; he wanted to make his own. He went to college at Harvard University to learn more about music. He met many  musicians there and even became the Band Director of the band at Harvard University.

In 1936, Leroy joined the Boston Pops Orchestra, a famous group of musicians. Suddenly, his music was heard by people all over the place. One of his big hits was a song called "Sleigh Ride," which you might have heard during the holidays. It's the one that makes you think of snow and jingling bells.

In 1942, Leroy Anderson enlisted in the U.S. Army during a critical period in history – World War II. Despite the challenges of military service, Anderson's musical talents did not go unnoticed. He was assigned to the Army Band as a translator and interpreter, and eventually, his exceptional abilities in music composition emerged. His wartime experiences influenced his later works, with some compositions reflecting the spirit of the era.



After World War II, Leroy wrote many hits.. "The Syncopated Clock," "Blue Tango," and "Bugler's Holiday" were some of them. He also wrote a piece called “The Typewriter” which uses the clicking keys of the typewriter as an instrument. His tunes were like a soundtrack for all seasons.



Leroy Anderson's music was simple but catchy. It wasn't all fancy and serious; it was just fun to listen to. People liked it because it made them happy.

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