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Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685 in Eisenach, Germany. Bach is one of the most important composers of the Baroque Period. Practically everyone in Bach's family played an instrument and had a career in music, and his father taught him to play the violin at a young age.


When Bach was only ten years old,  both of his parents died. He was sent to live with his older brother Johann Christoph, who was an organist at a church. Johann Christoph continued to teach Bach about music. Bach lived with his brother until he was 15 and was accepted into a well-known music school.

In 1703, Bach got a job playing the organ at the New Church in Arnstadt. He worked there for a few years until he got a job  working for Duke Wilhelm Ernst. Bach always loved the organ. In 1705, he hiked about 260 miles to meet the famous Danish organist Dietrich Buxtehude.


In 1706 Bach married his cousin Maria Barbara Bach and together they had seven children. Bach shared his love of music with his family and two of his sons from this marriage became great composers. Maria Barbara died in 1720. The next year, Bach married Anna Magdalena Wilcken and they had thirteen children together. Two of his sons from his marriage to Anna also become famous musicians.

Most of Bach's music was very religious and was written to be used in church. But he also taught students and wrote pieces that were for teaching and other types of performances.


In 1723 Bach and his family moved to Leipzig, Germany where he lived for the rest of his life. Bach wrote 1,128 pieces of music during his life. 

Many people consider him one of the greatest composers ever!

Here is a short video biography of Bach and one of his more famous sons.

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