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The Baroque Period 

1600 - 1750

Wigs, Harpsichords and Everything Fancy
What was life like?

During the Baroque Period everything was different than it is today. Obviously, there was no electricity, no internet, no computers. Life was much more difficult.  Most people worked for the nobility (kings, queens and their families) or for the church and most kids didn't go to school.  The church was a very important part of people's lives. 

The most popular instrument was the harpsichord. Music had many independent voices and lots of ornaments. The most famous Baroque composers are Bach, Vivaldi and Handel.


In terms of style - people liked things to be fancy. The men and women wore fancy wigs. The clothing was fancy, the buildings were fancy and the music was fancy too

​The Baroque Period lasted a long time and many important historic events happened during the period. Here's a timeline if you're interested in learning more. As far as I'm concerned, the best things about the Baroque Period (other than the music) was the discovery of chocolate and the discovery of coffee. Learn more about the Baroque Period from these videos.

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