The Little Fugue in G

A fugue is a piece of music that has a main melody called the subject. The subject of the fugue is repeated in different voices. It's a very complicated type of music to write. Bach LOVED writing fugues! He even wrote two books of fugues in every key called "The Well Tempered Clavier". 

The subject of The Little Fugue in G has some fun words that you can sing to it:

Mister Bach wrote several tunes that go like this. Suites, chorales he sang with his pals and organ sonatas and even cantatas and this Little Fugue in G

Here are some great videos that show different performances of the Little Fugue in G. See if you can sing the subject. It comes back four times in the first minute.

The first two examples are played on the pipe organ which was a very popular instrument in Bach's time.


This animation shows the four fugue voices very clearly.

Canadian Brass

In this video the fugue is arranged for five brass instruments.

Swingle Singers

The Swingle Singers perform a jazz version of the fugue.

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In this video you can see the organist use his hands and feet!


Four music students made this video in which they each sing one of the voices of the fugue. Watch the silly things they do when they are not siniging!

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